Bill Spooner — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
The Spooner family has been a part of the Cairns community for 54 years and our caring, warm and supportive family values extend to our tuition services. We make it a point to listen to you and your child to ensure your key learning targets are met in a way that is practical as well as enjoyable. Our philosophy is that learning should be fun and this philosophy has taken our Cairns tuition academy from strength to strength over the years.

Bill grew up in the Cairns of the 1960s. His father, Bob Spooner, deciding that Sydney was no place to bring up children, moved the family north in January 1960. Bob Spooner was Cairns' first specialist physician and a pioneer in many areas of tropical medicine.

In 1973, Bill graduated from the Queensland College of Art and completed a Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching in 1975.

Bill taught secondary art at local Tablelands and Cairns high schools. During this time, he was a specialist advisory teacher to the remote community schools of the Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Strait.

In the early 1990s, Bill left the classroom and began to work regionally across Far Northern Schools, firstly in Careers Education, then as the Senior Schooling Education Advisor to Cairns high schools.

After the Senior Schooling Education role, Bill worked as a Regional Curriculum Co-ordinator of the 140 schools of the peninsular region of Education Queensland. This gave Bill the opportunity to broaden his educational interests and to work at the cutting edge of education at a state, national and international level.

Bill has written two publications, both held in the National Library of Australia:


  • Escape Artists: Modernists in Tropics
  • Ilan Pasin (This is our way): Torres Strait Art
Throughout the years, Bill has been actively involved as a leader in many professional and community associations and projects. All of these are designed to further the cause of education and forge closer ties between schools, parents and the business community.

In 1997, Bill's career saw a major change when he resigned from Education Queensland. In 1998 he set up Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy, having decided that he could make a greater contribution to children and their parents by working in the private arena. Bill has a passion for motivating children to learn in order to achieve success and happiness.

To discover how Bill and the talented Cairns tutors at his academy can help your child reach their full potential, call today.