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Our Cairns tutors offer lessons for school age children from years 1 to 12.

The subjects we cover include:
  • Maths
  • English
  • Reading
  • Science (on demand or expression of interest) assistance with assignments and homework
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Power Learning (on demand or expression of interest) assistance with assignments and homework
Road to Success — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
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An understanding of, and ability with, mathematics is essential for excelling in the real world, as well as school. This understanding and ability begins at the primary level with the "basics".

These are, quite simply, the four number operations involving whole numbers or integers and fractions, both decimal and vulgar:
  • Adding
  • Subtracting
  • Division
  • Multiplying
From this follows the knowledge of percentages and then the relationships between percentages, fractions, decimals and whole numbers.

Only after these basics are reinforced are children equipped with the necessary skills to achieve in areas such as data mathematics, measurement, space, geometry, algebra and so on.

Bill Spooner's Basic Primary Maths Program delivers these necessary skills to both primary and junior secondary students.



Children in primary school will move to more advanced lessons that introduce and involve the practice of the areas mentioned above (data, measurement, space and geometry, algebra, etc).



These students and their parents often approach us for help with the maths required by their schools. They want direct assistance and answers to "how" questions.
Primary School Children — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD



These are either the high achievers who are chasing a top OP for tertiary entrance, or those that are experiencing difficulty and need guidance. They are studying Maths A, B or C at school. Of course, each child comes to us with more specific needs.
Both junior and senior students receive:
  • Direction
  • Instruction
  • Enlightenment
  • Information
  • Recommendations
  • Suggestions
  • Hints
  • Pointers
  • Guidelines
These apply to the areas below, as well as others according to the students' requirements:
  • Equations
  • Ratio
  • Perimeter, area and volume
  • Data, chance and statistics
  • Number plane
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Directed numbers
  • Graphs and charts
  • Angles
  • Indices and surds
Children need to experience achievement, and this is particularly the case in maths. They require satisfaction of getting it "right". Achievement builds confidence and confidence builds achievement. At Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy, our Cairns math tutors quite simply, help your child get it right.

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English underpins all other areas of learning in Australian schools. Its practice provides the means through which we understand and comprehend the written and spoken word. It is also the means through which we communicate and express this understanding and comprehension.

Competence in English requires, at an elementary level, the knowledge of and an ability to apply the conventions of grammar, punctuation, spelling, as well as sentence and paragraph construction. It requires a developed vocabulary and ability to make the right choices about reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Our ability to use written and spoken language allows us to understand our world and to communicate and interact with others. The ability to articulate clearly and to express thoughts both verbally and in a written form is essential to learning.
Smiling Student — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
A Capable Student is:

  • Confident
  • An articulate speaker
  • An individual who listens effectively and judiciously.
  • An individual who writes with clarity, precision and imagination backed with knowledge

English can help develop all these aspects, making competency in the subject a valuable weapon in the learning arsenal.

Language is a system of sounds (for speaking) and symbols (for writing), which can be arranged in patterns to communicate between those who know the system. At Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy, we are committed to helping your child master this system and develop skills that will serve them well throughout their academic and professional lives.

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At Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy, we offer tuition via the Reading Freedom program.



The Reading Freedom program we implement is designed to improve the reading and English skills of our students.

  • The first 2 levels of Reading Freedom provide a carefully structured remedial reading program for children who have already received reading instruction, but have yet to master basic skills with accuracy and fluency.

  • The third level of Reading Freedom is designed for children who have mastered basic skills but still have difficulty reading and spelling longer words. Level 3 of Reading Freedom gives instruction in the skills necessary to make children independent readers. All 3 levels are intended for use in primary and junior secondary schools.
Child Reading a Book — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
The fundamental principle of the Reading Freedom remedial reading program is that children with reading problems require the kind of instruction that is systematically structured to enable them to overcome these difficulties. A second, and equally important, principle addressed by the program is that children with special needs require the kind of positive reinforcement that comes from a steady and easily demonstrated mastery of basic skills. It is upon this principle that Reading Freedom takes the child from mastery of the simplest reading skills carefully and systematically through to mastery of the most complex skills.
Each new unit of the program builds on the skills learned in previous units.

The student progresses from:
  • Spelling the words
  • Learning new sounds.
  • Blending these sounds into words
  • Adding word endings
  • Reading sentences made up of these words
  • Combining the words with those learned in previous units
  • Reading comprehension passages based on the skills learned in each unit at each level
The first 2 levels of Reading Freedom provide remedial instruction for children lacking basic reading skills (assigning sound values to letters), sight vocabulary (recognising words instantly) and comprehension skills (reading carefully structured prose passages and answering questions about them).



  • Careful assessments
  • Regular lesson formats
  • Careful instructions
  • A regular time and place for lesson
  • Regular monitoring of progress


Reading Freedom's Golden Rules — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
  • Before starting the program it is essential to find the areas of strengths and weaknesses in your child's reading ability. A diagnostic test of phonic knowledge is provided for this purpose. A standardised test of reading ability is used to determine the child's reading age. Equally important is the vocabulary of sight words. Finally, a quick check of the child's visual function is advisable. Many children who have reading difficulties also have visual problems or a learning difficulty.

At the assessment, all children are checked and, if necessary, screened for learning difficulties. An optometrical check with an optometrist may be recommended. Bill Spooner is an accredited Irlen diagnostician for dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Some children may experience extreme difficulty at a particular diagnostic level. Should this occur, it is not necessary to test at subsequent levels or to continue with the level causing difficulty.

The prime reasons for administering the test is to obtain two kinds of information:

  • To determine the gaps in the child's phonic knowledge.
  • Determine a suitable level at which instruction can begin.

The program teaches quick and accurate word recognition. This is a skill just like any other and with a systematic approach, you, the parent, can see where the child is. It is hierarchical in difficulty and by going from the easiest first to the hardest last, you and your child will not be bewildered. The process is further de-mystified by the fact that you can see the teaching methods.

One of the great benefits of the program is that when English improves, all school subjects can improve and feelings of inadequacy will leave your child.

Reading is a skill, just like riding a bicycle. At Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy, we check for and, if necessary, address the "hidden learning difficulties". Through our Reading Freedom Program, teaching your child to read is made simple.

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Science — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
Science should't be thought of as something arcane and obscure. Everyone of us—whether a poet, janitor, or nuclear physicist-has to be able to think scientifically, and to understand some science, to get through with our lives. Every day we face decisions that hinge on science, such as whether to smoke, what to eat, environmental issues and so on. Even for decisions that don't depend on specific scientific facts, science remains the best proven set of methods for acquiring accurate and measurable information about the world.

Many non-science students will end up as policy-makers in government or business. Individuals such as these make decisions that fundamentally affect the well-being of everyone, and most of them know no more about science than the general public. Yet they are called upon to decide what to do about (and how much money to spend on) nuclear reactors, global warming, environmental toxins, biomedical research and the applications of biotechnology. It's nonscientists, not scientists, who have the last word on whether the milk we drink can safely come from cows treated with hormones. To make such decisions wisely, the decision makers have to be drawn from a scientifically educated public.

Many of our students are studying science as a prerequisite to some form of tertiary study, whether it be physics, chemistry or biology. Often the faculties that require one of the sciences are also those that command a high OP for entrance.

The science teachers at Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy are excited and passionate about their chosen field. They will pass this passion along with a very pragmatic approach to the study of the subject to their students. After all, if a student wants to study a science at the tertiary level, then the results at school are critical.

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Power Learning Study Skills Program is written especially for Cairns' secondary students.
In today's highly competitive world, young people need to know more than just what to learn. They need to know how to learn. Learning how to learn provides essential skills for school today and for coping with further education and training tomorrow.

Designed especially by Bill Spooner for students at Cairns' high schools, Power Learning is a study skills course that gives students the essential skills needed to improve at school, no matter what their current level of achievement may be.

The course shows students how to be positive, systematic and organised. It also shows them how to have the right attitude to achieve, as well as be confident and relaxed about learning. Among the topics taught are:
  • Whole-brain thinking:
  • Alpha Learning
  • Time management
  • Stress control
  • Classroom strategies
  • Memory and recall techniques
Power Learning — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
Students will be shown how to set up their study environment, how to prepare for exams and how to make the best of each lesson at school. This course shows young people how to be independent and in-control learners.

As we move into this exciting century, it is important for young people to learn how to learn. We have left the post-industrial age and have now entered the information age. This means that our attitude to learning must change. The sum total of the world's knowledge doubles every two and a half years and 80% of the children in year 5 this year will enter careers that don't exist now, involving technology that has not yet been invented. To be successful learners today, young people must make the paradigm shift from not just what to learn, but also how to learn and become lifelong learners.


  • Brain food
  • Setting goals
  • Positive thinking
  • Your self esteem
  • Managing change in the 21st century
  • How to be an independent and lifelong learner
  • Your current performance as a student
  • How to identify right and left brain thinking
  • The importance of Alpha Learning
  • Switching your brain on
  • How music can accelerate learning
  • Relaxation techniques to aid in learning and study
  • How to have the right attitude to achieve
  • Classroom confidence
  • Setting up your study environment
  • Exam preparation
  • Making priorities
  • How to summarise
  • How to organise yourself
  • Setting up a study timetable
  • Self talk to avoid procrastination
  • Making a classification chart
  • How to make mindmaps
  • How do I learn and communicate?
  • The seven intelligences and how to use them
  • Time management and study checklist
A note to parents and a study checklist are also included in the program.

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Online Live Tuition — Bill Spooner's Coaching Academy in Cairns, QLD
Check here soon for our new online tutoring service, provided via the Zoom conferencing program. Perfect for home schooled students or kids who are unable to attend our site, the classes are designed for up to 6 students for 1 hour. Online live tuition for primary maths is also available.


If you are interested in this avenue of assistance contact us for more information.